Eczema Stories

We found four people living with eczema (including a dermatologist!) and got them to connect and share their personal eczema stories through a series of activities. Watch as they open up and get to know more about eczema together than they ever thought possible.

Trigger Words

Four people with eczema join forces to reveal the secret eczema words.

Fill in the Blank

Watch as four people with eczema share their personal eczema experiences, HQ style.

Dermatologist Reacts

Our guests open up about living with eczema plus working with their doctors—and dermatologist Dr. Serrao can relate. He’s a lifelong eczema sufferer, and he’s here to share his expert opinion.

Share your eczema story

Share your experience living with eczema (atopic dermatitis) to help educate and inspire others. To participate, please email us at or call 855-465-8590.

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