Eczema and emotional well-being

For some, eczema’s effects extend beyond the skin. Let’s go over the effect eczema can have on your emotional health and overall wellness.

Connection between eczema and emotional well-being

How eczema distraction could cause a chain reaction

For many people, itch can simply be a nuisance. But for others, itch can be much, much worse, even getting to the point of occupying their minds and distracting them from everyday life. It has been reported that eczema can cause some people to feel self-conscious and avoid activities—and the data doesn’t lie. Did you know that up to 50% of adults with eczema say they avoid social interactions because of their eczema? The impact of eczema can be like one big chain reaction, creating a ripple effect on many different aspects of life.

Sleep and eczema

A good night’s sleep isn’t always guaranteed—especially not for some people living with eczema. In fact, research shows that up to 30% of adults with moderate to severe eczema experience sleep-related issues. The itch, the rash, the cracking and oozing—sometimes these symptoms can keep you up at night. And we all know what it’s like to lose sleep. You may feel tired or irritable the next day. Not to mention, it can become difficult to pay attention and stay productive. Studies tell us that it’s no different for people with eczema.

How is your relationship with your current eczema doctor?

How is your relationship with your current eczema doctor?

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Eczema Eureka #114: Your skin and your mind

Did you know there are doctors who focus their entire careers on the link between the mind, body, and skin?

These doctors, who can be dermatologists, psychiatrists, and psychologists, help make up the emerging field of psychodermatology.

That means they focus not only on treating eczema and other skin conditions, but on how to cope with them as well. 

Have you considered the link between your skin and your mind?

Joining a community that’s 31-million-strong

All this adds up to a burden that has the potential to become disruptive if you don’t seek out and receive the kind of support you need. And no matter how eczema makes you feel, you’re not alone. There’s always somebody out there who knows just what it’s like—someone to laugh with, cry with, and explore your interest in management routines with. The point is, support helps. Here are some ideas:

Get a clearer picture of how eczema can impact your life past the physical symptoms and learn about the connection between eczema and mental health.

Watch real people as they get together to share their